The Portland, OR-based trio of WL formed in the serendipitous manner that most bands seem to form – guitarist Michael Yun and drummer Stevie Sparks had just relocated to Portland from Detroit, Mi when they vocalist and bassist Misty Mary who had recently relocated from Big Sur, CA. Surprised that they were all neighbors and musicians, the trio set up shop in a basement and began writing and recording songs live to tape, with the result being their Impermanent 7 inch, which was released last year. The band is following that up with the release of their full-length debut, Hold which Prospect and Refuge Records released the other day.

“You’re Not Really Here” is the first single from the new effort, and it seems to be a perfect example of the Portland, OR sound – a moodily but understated atmospheric feel, ethereal vocals, and an eerily haunting melody. It’s seemingly the sound of lingering ghosts and lingering regrets, and the gently chiming organ adds to it. In some way, this reminds me of Low – it has the same, urgent, plaintive yearning, really.