The Rally to Save 5 Pointz

With it being both Thanksgiving and Hanukah, I’ve had some much-needed time to work on some long-awaited and long overdue work related to this website. And a couple of weeks ago i was at a rally to save 5 Pointz, the graffiti installation over in Long Island CIty from the wrecking ball. Long story short: the developer who owns the property 5 Pointz is on, wanted to tear it down to build yet another condo – a condo that is not only unwanted by most members of that community, it’ll be a condo that will likely be half empty. Sadly, a few days after the rally, the developer had workers whitewash an entire building’s worth of great artwork. (It was a move that many across the world have considered to be extremely dickish. 

As I was there for the rally, I felt immeasurably sad – i had the recognition that i would be seeing some of this art work for possibly the last time; but little did I know that it would be down a few days later. Obviously, while going through these photos, was equally sad but i wanted to show them to you. (What I can say is that i’m thankful that i got as many opportunities to see Five Pointz and take photos of it to share to as countless readers across the world.) Check them out below:

I have to agree with this man. 

A large crowd of several hundred people showed up to support the cause. 

Occupy Wall Street’s own caped crusader, Captain America showed up to give an impassioned speech. 

Homeboy Sandman (pictured in the hat on the far left-hand side of this photo and making appearance in the following picture) gave an even more impassioned and intelligent speech in which he asked people to sacrifice their time and their bodies if they had to for the cause.  

May Five Pointz live in the hearts of those who supported and visited forever! 

For these photos and a few more from this afternoon, supporting art, check out the Flickr set here: