The Raveonettes surprised their fans and journalists by releasing their latest effort Pe’ahi (named after a popular surfing spot in Hawaii) on the same day that it was announced. Produced by Justin Medal-Johnsen, who has worked with M83 and performed with Beck, Nine Inch Nails, the material on the album is heavily informed by death – Sune Rose Wagner’s father died on Christmas Eve of 2013, and Wagner threw himself wholly into the work of completing the work – and in turn, the album that he and Sharin Foo recorded is sonically challenging, thanks in part to unconventional song structures. The album’s second single, "Endless Dreamers" is inspired by a near-death experience Wagner had while surfing in Hawaii, and sonically it’s comprised of old school breakbeats, explosively staccato guitar, at times jazz-inspired drumming reminiscent of the Doors and a gorgeous piano-based section at it’s conclusion. Much like Interpol’s Antics, there aren’t recognizable hooks or choruses but the material moves in tandem as a series of movements tied together by mood.