The renowned German arts festival, Ruhrfestspiele in Recklinghausen commissioned Sebastian Hartmann, known as one of the biggest and innovative names in contemporary German theater for a production of Leo Tolstoy’s great novel, War and Peace. Hartmann enlisted the help of Apparat, a.k.a. Sascha Ring to contribute a score to the work in a project that became increasingly collaborative. The project was initially conceived to end with the last performance of the play, and no release was ever imagined. As the production drew to an end, they found they hadn’t fully exhausted the potential of the songs yet. So Ring went to the studio with his backing band to flesh out the material, and it became the band’s forthcoming Mute Records release, Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre)

“A Violent Sky” is the first single from Apparat’s forthcoming effort and it’s amazing how much it strikes me as sounding like M83.