The Slims are a Gainesville, FL-based duo that consists of Jackie Slim, a.k.a. James Brawn, a.k.a. Jimba Lushi (a.k.a. Morningbell’s Travis Atria) and Jimmy Slim, a.k.a. Merlin Brando, a.k.a. Jamba Lushi (a.k.a. Collin Whitlock), and with the release of their forthcoming sophomore effort, Slowpoke, the duo further cements their reputation for being uncompromisingly strange. In fact, the album, which was recorded in between the sessions for Morningbell’s Boa Noite, continues the storyline brought up in their 2010 double CD concept album, Killa Dilla, and makes allusions to what the project’s upcoming project will be – or not be. 

From the album’s first single, “Only A Part, Not the Whole,” the duo’s sound manages to be difficult to pin down – it has elements of the sludgy, dirge-like chords of Black Sabbath or even the Black Keys before turning into a psychedelic, soulful song with ethereal organ chords as Atria coos seductively throughout the song. Although it’s unusual, it’s pretty fucking sexy.