The Spix are a Brooklyn-based duo consisting of Zeps and Eturnal Suarez, and their latest single and video, “Write Right Now” off their new album, The Spix, Episode 1 owes a great debt to hip hop’s golden area. The xylophone jazz- based sample sounds as though it could have been a long lost B side from A Tribe Called Quest’The Low End Theory. And both emcees flows owe a debt to some of that era’s greatest (and beloved) emcees – at times I hear remnants of Buckshot Shorty, Jeru Da Damaja and others. Naturally, it brings to mind what great hip hop should aways be – emcees spitting over dope beats. 

Interestingly, the Spix’s new effort is also a reflection of hip-hop being a true, international culture as Norwegian-based producer Darth Vidar is responsible for all the beats you’ll hear on the album.