The Suits are a Bronx-based indie electro pop trio that formed back in 2011 when Eddie Gore (vocals and keyboards) Mike Sanz (producer and drum machine) and Eric Grossman (guitar/multi-instrumentalist) met in their freshman dorm room at Fordham University. Their latest EP, Polysun refers to the band’s recording process – the band recorded the EP across multiple seasons and multiple timezones, so each song was as the band describes it, influenced by a different “sun." 

Each song on the EP is based on the different stages of a relationship – i.e., excitement, discovery, friendship and heartbreak and in some way, it links up well with the changing season motif, as the song on based on the excitement of a new relationship would roughly correspond to spring, discovery to summer, and so on.

"Stars” the EP’s first single is an extremely percussive track as you’ll hear drums punctuated with handclaps paired with melody synths, Gore’s plaintive, falsetto vocals and swirling electronics. Although quite breezy, the song has an underlying foreboding feel – as though despite the initial excitement and wonder of the relationship, the inevitable end will happen.