The Texas singer/songwriter Teresa Maldonado, writes, records and performs under the moniker Georgia’s Horse. And as Georgia’s Horse, Maldonado’s debut effort The Mammoth Sessions was well-received critically across the blogosphere and other sources. Fire Records will be releasing her sophomore and follow up effort, Weather Codes

The material on the album was written during a rather messy relationship that Maldonado was in at that time. She was traveling back and forth between Louisiana and Texas, and the forlorn, dusty and unforgiving landscape she travelled across, and her own personal experiences informed much of the material that she had written with a beaten-up, somewhat out of tune piano, with her beloved blackmouth cur by her side. The second single, “Thistlebomb”  consists of a haunting, lingering melody pulled forward with what sounds like an accordion, and Maldonado’s voice, which on this particular song reminds me quite a bit of the lovely Neko Case.  And although the song has an intimate, and almost anxious feel to it, it also manages to possess a cinematic quality. You can almost hear in a scene in which the female lead, travels across some ominous location to either get to her lover – or to leave her lover.