The three founding members of the Brighton, UK-based quintet Phoria, Ed Sanderson, Trewin Howard, and Jeb Hardwick grew up in rural Wiltshire, and the trio were in typical English fashion, inspired by the green, rolling hills and forests of their hometown to create music together. After stints studying various things in college, the trio decided to move to Brighton to be professional musicians, and when they moved their recruited an old friend Tim Douglas and the Brighton via Scotland and Tokyo Seryn Burden to flesh out the band’s sound. 

The band’s been building up quite a following both in their native UK and across the blogosphere. Back in 2012, the quintet were featured on BBC News during the London Summer Olympic Games celebrations and were interviewed about their contribution to the Cultural Olympiad – a concert featuring 50 foot high 360 degree projects designed by their guitarist, Jeb Hardwick. 

They’ve also had their music featured in two films released across the European Union, and have been praised by a number of well-known blogs across the blogosphere including Soundclash, This Is Fake DIY, Indieshuffle and Hype Machine, among others. And adding to their profile, they have toured with the likes of Little Dragon, Active Child, 65daysofstatic, Efterklang and Ultraista,a band fronted by Nigel Godrich, best known for his work with Radiohead. 

“Emanate,” is the latest single off the band’s forthcoming Bloodworks EP  and the track which boasts a spare arrangement of handclaps and finger snapping in looped percussion, behind hushed vocals and swirling electronics manages to possess a delicate beauty that gently unfurls towards the listener like babbling brook lapping at the shore before arching heavenward, making you seem like a small, insignificant mote of dust on the head of a pin.