The Toronto, ON-based Eli V Gore is a project fronted by Eli V. And although Eli V is only 24, he’s spent a decade playing in a ton of punk and no wave bands across the Toronto metropolitan area, and he’s developed a reputation for throwing some of that area’s freakiest, weirdest parties. Sex Static is the band’s recently released debut through Bad Actors Records, and “Lobotomy” is the first single from the album. Sonically. in some way it’s reminiscent of Joy Division if fed through torture-porn horror movies, as produced by Troma Films – sure, there’s a mechanistic precision but there’s a sludgy, drugged up, creepy feel to the proceedings. As Pitchfork remarked when Eli V sings the word lobotomy, “he does so with all the dread-ridden unease of a man who’s strapped down on the gurney, fully aware of what awaits him on the other side of the operating-room door." 

The video is equally as fucked up – but it’s hypnotic and worthy of checking out.