The Vancouver, BC-based Lions in the Street specialize in a straightforward, balls-to the-wall kind of rock ‘n roll akin to that of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – and they’ve been compared in some circles to  a harder Rolling Stones (which personally, may be quite a bit of a stretch). “So Far Away” is the first single from the band’s long-awaited and delayed album on a proper label, On the Lam. (Long story short, the band was was finishing work on their debut effort on TVT Records when the label, thanks to financial woes collapsed. The label held on to the rights to the material, and refused to let the band finish the album. Of course, the legal issues involved also prevented the band from being able to sign with another label, too. We’ve heard stories about the sort of legal issues that can come up in the music industry and it can often stall careers – see, George Michael.) 

Still the band, persisted and “So Far Away” kicks major ass and has an ornery, pissed off feel.