There are a handful of contemporary genres that seem to transcend the boundaries of race, class and nationality – in particular I think of rock, hip-hop, EDM and reggae. Formed by producer Marek Bogdanski back in 2001, the Lodz, Poland-based soundsystem crew, Dreadsquad have been at the forefront of a Polish bass-heavy dancehall reggae movement as they’ve released a number of mashups, remixes and toured across Europe, the USA, Brazil and india. Adding to a growing international profile, the Polish act has worked with and rexmied a number of top Jamaican, European and Canadian artists including Ward 21, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, U Brown, Million Stylez, Lady Charm, Tippa Irie, Jah Mason, Perfect Giddimani, Dr. Ring Ding, and Montreal’s Face-T, and a lengthy list of others. 

Check out the dense, reverb-y riddim Dreadsquad created for their collaboration with Kojo Neatness “Boom Sound.” It sounds both summery and though a DJ played it at a Jamaican dancehall party.