Towards the end of my father’s very short life, our relationship had deteriorated to the point that we really didn’t have much of a relationship beyond the accident of biology. But there were a few things he instilled with me — a love of jazz, in particular, the bop era. He loved Horace Silver, Oliver  Nelson (check out his, The Blues and the Abstract Truth, it’s fantastic), Miles Davis and others; however, to him John Coltrane was a god amongst men. No one could possibly compare and in that respect, he may have been right. 

On one particular September 11, I had come home from work and my father was playing A Love Supreme while cooking and it made absolute sense. in light of such a terrible day for so many people, why not play Coltrane’s masterpiece — an album that earnestly contemplates the nature of God and of God’s love. At some point, playing the album has become something of a tradition in my personal life and posting the album or something from the album has become something of a tradition here. So check out the album in its gorgeous entirety. 

I think the album is especially fitting today.