If you’ve been following this site over the years, a big aspect of the site has been photography, both of live music and other events across town. In fact, over the better part of about 18 months I had a daily photography project in which there were several limitations that were actually quite freeing – namely that unless it served the photo, the photo had to be in black and white. Creatively dubbed, the Black and White Project, the project was pretty well received among some of my earliest readers. And although I enjoyed the incredible creativity it afforded me, it managed to also be kind of exhausting; however, some time later I followed that up with a more random photography project, which allowed me to shoot a bit more randomly. 

Last Tuesday, I was in Williamsburg with my mother and a very dear friend, walking up Bedford Avenue after stopping at Don Panchito for Mexican food, when we came across the Brooklyn-based brass collective The Harmonica Lewinskies in the middle of an impromptu performance in front of a hat shop. It was a pretty sweet way of promoting the band’s upcoming Knitting Factory set. 

For this photo and the rest of the photos of the series, check out the Flickr set here: