Untitled 4/10/13

As some of you may know, I embarked on a lengthy 487 day (mostly) Black and White photography project, which I posted here. So for a while I’ve been randomly shooting when I feel the urge to shoot – and recently I have been thanks to coming across a friend who had his camera with him while we were out drinking and carousing … 

Wednesday was a gorgeous Spring day here in New York and during my lunch break, and after work I wandered around  Times Square to take photos and captured some of the following – and honestly, it put me me in some great spirits. 

When the flowers have bloomed, it seems pretty obvious to me that Spring has sprung! 

Apparently, there’s a new Naked Cowgirl – this one has to be Naked Cowgirl number 4 or 5 –  and as you can imagine, a pretty young woman wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini and cowboy boots will get quite a bit of attention. 

This was an exhibition of an artists work in an office building on West 42nd Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue. The piece is supposed to be comment on modern love, and the fact that many of us are often quite far away from loved ones out of necessity. 

i managed to catch the Women in Black Against War in front of the New York Public Library during their weekly silent vigil. And they’re serious – I’ve seen them outside when it’s been cold and when it’s been hot. 

Here a Flushing-bound 7 train pulls into the 42nd Street/Bryant Park station.

For these photos and some more photos from this project, check out the Flickr set here: