Untitled 4/25/13

As some of you know, the Untitled Project is more of a leisurely and random project without a strict deadline. Admittedly, I enjoy not having a strict deadline or a strict purpose to the shooting – and in some way it allows me to shoot when I feel really inspired. And with the warmer, nicer weather, I’ve lately been feeling more inspired. 

Thursday night, I was on my way to the Knitting Factory to catch Violent Bullshit, Man Forever and Disappears but i had some time to kill, and was ravenously hungry, so I had to make a stop at the Commodore across the street from the Knitting Factory for their fried chicken plate – it’s three humongous pieces of chicken thighs with biscuits, honey butter (that shit is delicious man) for $11. And with a couple of beers, everything was right in my world… ,

But as I was walking to the Commodore, I came across this bit of graffiti on a wall at the drive thru area of a bank on the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Havermayer Street. 

it’s been a while since i’ve shot anything in Black and White, and suddenly shooting in Black and White felt as familiar as an lifelong friend. Here are a couple of shots of Disappears’ lead singer, Brian Case during their incredible set at the Knitting Factory.

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