This weekend was a pretty typical weekend for me as I was rushing around town to cover three shows over the course of two days and it started out with a stop at Fontana’s in the Lower East Side to catch Ghost Punch, the VeeVees and From Below. I would have stayed for the Black Black, who from what I was told are very good but I had to catch a friend back in Queens and it took forever and a day to get back to the home borough. 

In any case, I got there early enough to have a beer at the bar and use the bathroom. Of course, it’s New York and being cautious, I wind up taking my bag with my camera into the bathroom with me; so, as you can imagine it usually offers me a unique opportunity to capture bathroom graffiti. Yeah, i know. But sometimes you come across something interesting or very funny – or it captures your eye. 

For this picture and for the rest of the photos of this series, check out the Flickr set here: