If you’ve read the blog on a regular basis, you’d know that I’m an incredibly busy man, who rushes around to get around town for all the various shows and people I want to see. But it’s a fun life, so I can’t really complain … In any case, I took the Q59 bus to Williamsburg as i was heading to Brooklyn Bowl to catch John Brown’s Body and the Easy Star All Stars. And with the weather being nice, I decided to get off at the intersection of Metropolitan Avenue, Havermayer Street and North 5th Street, and walk to Brooklyn Bowl, when i came across this portion of a mural advertising a local cleaner’s that I believe may not even exist anymore. 

Apparently, at the last show i covered I left the settings on Black and White, and forgot that I hadn’t changed them. But I think that you can still see why this mural caught my eye. 

And here we are in glorious color.

This is a portion of a mural on the corner of North 8th or North 9th Street and Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. I pass by the mural every single time on my way to Brooklyn Bowl, and this particular portion is something that i’ve always found incredibly inspiring. May we all live our lives so simply, eh?

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