Untitled — the Asbury Park, NJ edition

Memorial Day Weekend this year was incredibly busy. Friday night, I was at Fania Records’ Armada Fania Pop-Up Store and Club Party at the 1896 in Bushwick, Brooklyn with world famous DJ Louie Vega spinning a couple of hours of meringue, salsa and Latin rhythms. Saturday night, I was the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn for the DFA Records 12th Anniversary Event. Sunday, I was by the Jersey Shore to visit a friend for the day, and it included a stop at Asbury Park, NJ on a lovely but chilly Sunday afternoon and evening. 

Part of Asbury Park’s Grand Arcade (if i’m not mistaken). From the architecture, you can tell that it was a gorgeous building – and in some way, it shouldn’t be very surprising that the architects behind Grand Central Terminal also designed this building.

I found this mermaid mural while inside the Grand Arcade. I took a photo in Black and White, but I figured that seeing it in color would do it equal justice. 

The interior of the Grand Arcade. 

I loved the detail on this seahorse on the Convention Hall. 

My friend and I stopped a local bar, Johnny Mac for a few beers when I came across this particular directive. However, I’m not sure if that’s all too wise. 

I came across some of the funniest bathroom graffiti, i’ve seen in some time in one of the bathrooms at the bar.

Although not related, I was with the same friend i was visiting in South Jersey while in Chinatown when I came across this car dedicated to MCA of the Beastie Boys. MCA forever! 

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