Untitled (The CMJ Edition)

If you’ve followed JOVM over its four year history, you may be familiar with an extensive photography project I conducted over the course of about a year and a half titled, The Black and White Project. It turned out to be both a very rewarding and very exhausting experience; in fact, so exhausting that i found myself occasionally wanting to shoot when I felt particularly inspired, and not feel as though I was forcing it. And in some way, the Untitled Project kind of came about as a result. 

The Untitled Project is more of a leisurely photography project without a strict deadline as far as when or how i have to shoot. As many of you will likely know, I had some computer issues that slowed down some things but i was able to do some more basic posting while borrowing my mother’s PC laptop – and it happened during one of the worst times of the year for me: during the week of the CMJ Festival

The CMJ Festival – or more accurately, the CMJ Music Marathon – is quite an experience for anyone who’s covering it, for the bands, and for anyone who works in the music industry. You’ll likely be invited to four or five different showcases and maybe a happy hour, and each event will be either at the same time or overlapping – and they’ll be in completely different parts of the city. And you’ll likely stop at a showcase for a set or two, before running to another showcase somewhere else for another set or two. I had a Saturday where I was invited to five different events and unfortunately, I was only able to realistically stop by three of them.  

I stopped by the Generate and Hybridity CMJ Showcase at The Immersive Gallery in Williamsburg. (Interestingly, I’ve passed by The Immersive Gallery hundreds of times on my way to Brooklyn Bowl and had no idea that an art gallery was there. Talk about odd, huh?) And the event was not only one of the few electronic music showcases I caught, it was also a party to celebrate the launch of Generate Pro, an easy to use video editing program, which will allow artists to edit and create videos faster – and of course, cheaper. (I’m paraphrasing from what I remember the publicist telling me, so if i’ve misstated something, i apologize ahead of time.) 

Admittedly, i was there for some free alcohol and to catch up with some folks but hey, the music was pretty dope too. And I came across this display that I’ll let speak for itself. 

For this photo and the rest of the photos of the series, check out the Flickr set here: