Vibration Animal Sex Music, the sophomore full-length album from the Wellington, New Zealand-based band Orchestra of Spheres. Recorded last September in Italy, the album cements the band’s reputation for a sound that manages to be deeply primal but futuristic, and funky– it kind of sounds like the music that would be played at some surreal but tribal ceremony.

Adding to that primal and immediate feel, is the fact that the songs on the album were essentially banged out in one or two takes, using vintage recording gear – 24 track tape and other techniques that are responsible for the grainy, almost lost-recording from the future feel. 

Check out, the latest single from the album “2,000,000 Years.” It’s funky and trippy as fuck, and it’ll probable have you dancing around a gigantic bonfire. Interestingly, their sound bears an eerily similarity to the Phenomenal Handclap band but looser and more frantic.