Violent Bullshit, Man Forever and Disappears at the Knitting Factory 4/25/13

Violent Bullshit, Man Forever and Disappears

The Knitting Factory


Back at the end of April, I caught Violent Bullshit, Man Forever and Disappears at the Knitting Factory, and it may well have been one of the best nights of live music i’ve caught this year. i didn’t take formal notes but I did make note of some of my impressions of what I saw; and of course, there are some great photos, which you can check out below. 

  • Violent Bullshit played a set of three chord, hardcore, thrash punk which reminded me of the countless punk rock shows i used to catch at the Continental and other shitholes across town. Typically, the songs were no longer than maybe two minutes or so and with cheeky, titles with lyrics that were yelled or growled out. An interesting highlight to the night was a song that their lead singer claimed was written shortly before the set about how they discovered that apparently one of the members of Ace of Base was a Neo Nazi back in the day. I saw the sign, indeed. Man, did they ever kick ass. 
  • Man Forever is the side project of multi-instrumentalist John Colpitts (a.k.a. Kid Millions) of Oneida. Live, the project consists of Colpitts and two other drummers, playing simultaneously. It creates a complex series of patterns that rumble, roll, and drone in patterns that can be both predictable and unpredictable. Although sonically interesting, there were a few moments towards the end of their set where they seemed a little enervating to me, and their set felt a little long. Still, I got it and i was reminded quite a bit of Ginger Baker’s drum solos.
  • Disappears, the headliner of the night, has a sound that sounds much like a force of a nature – primal, brutally loud and towering, full of layers upon layers of squeals and peals of feedback, delay pedals creating ambient drone, as vocals are also fed through delay pedals. The songs feel as though they’re slowly falling away and crumbling while being propelled by undulating bass. It’s an impressive sound, for sure. And my god, there were loud!

 Violent Bullshit

Man Forever


For these photos and the rest of the photos from this night of music, check out the Flickr set here: