Warring, is the Darcys third and final installation in a trilogy released by the renowned Canadian indie rock label, Arts and Crafts Records this weekend. Whereas the first single off the album “The River” has elements of soul in the vocals, some subtle elements of jazz in the instrumentation with an art rock sheen and a gentle swirl of electronics in the background, “Muzzle Blast” is atmospheric and bit more straightforward, Still, delicate and ethereal, like smoke, the song feels like it’ll dissipate before your eyes — and yet it’ll resonate with you in a way that will leave a lingering, inescapable presence. 

The video, which was directed by Adam Azimov has a lonely women walking through what a desolate, ruined city – presumably one ravaged by war, violence and decay. The imagery at times manages at times to be surreal and yet gorgeous while playing with the perception of time and motion.