Warring, is the Darcys third and final installation in a trilogy released by the renowned Canadian indie rock label, Arts and Crafts Records earlier this fall. Whereas the first single off the album “The River” had elements of soul in the vocals, some subtle elements of jazz in the instrumentation with an art rock edge and a gentle swirl of electronics in the background, “Muzzle Blast”  was atmospheric and bit more straightforward. “Itchy Blood”, the latest single and video from the album manages to combine the disparate elements of both songs – you’ll hear subtle elements of jazz in the instrumentation – namely piano, guitar and drums. But done so with an art work rock edge; however, swirling electronics create an icy chill at the song’s choruses. And yet like the previously released the singles, “Itchy Blood” is delicate and ethereal but it leaves a lingering, haunting presence. 

The official video is partially inspired by David Hamilton’s photography, Bret Easton Ellis‘ Less Than Zero and the band’s own childhood memories, the video is intended to pull the viewer into an opulent, pastel-drenched world of two teenage girls left to their own devices in a mansion. According to the video’s director, Peter Hadfield, the video is a “commentary on the detrimental and disenchanting effects of wealth on youth and the ability to escape into one’s imagination.” Whether or not you pick up on that, what I can tell you is that the video has a eerie, fucked up feel – on a certain level, there’s a sense that something truly ominous and unpredictable at some point.