Washington, DC’s Sunwolf are part of both an emerging garage rock revival in their hometown, and part of a larger, national garage rock revival that includes the likes of Philadelphia’s Lantern, Chicago’s White Mystery, New York’s Triple Hex, and a host of others. “Fire Breathing Dragon” is the second single off the band’s forthcoming Angel Eyes EP, which will see an October 8th release. 

“Fire Breathing Dragon” is reportedly inspired by lead vocalist Kalani’s girlfriend and the shit-talking phase of their relationship. With that in mind, the beneath the sleazy, scuzzy feel of the song is a cocksure, swagger. Listening to the track reminds me of all the nights i’ve spent drinking way too much, spending way too much money, and trying to get with way too many women in shithole dives like the Library, the Nancy Whiskey Pub, Sophie’s, Nice Guy Eddie’s, and others.