We Are Loud Whispers is a collaborative effort featuring Sonya Westcott of  Arthur and Yu and Ayumu Hatani of 4 Bonjour Parties. The duo first met when Wescott’s primarily project, Arthur and Yu were touring Japan in 2007. And although they haven’t seen each other since, the duo of Westcott and Hatani have collaborated together via email. In many ways, We Are Loud Whisper’s work transcends not just cultural lines and language, it also transcends what it means to be a band, reminding people that as long as there is a sense of simpatico. 

“This Time,” is the first single off their Hardly Art Records debut Suchness, and it’s a pretty and ethereal lullaby that seems as though it would gently float away before you notice it – and yet, it leaves an indelible impression that you can’t forget. At the end, it may be reminiscent of the Beatles of of Feist with the use of horns. It’s a a track that manages to be adorable, with a sweet sincerity.