We Are The Lucky Ones, the latest album from New York-based producer/rapper/DJ/vocalist TECLA was released by Mayimba Music earlier this year to critical praise, thanks to it’s deft blending of tropicalia, Caribbean, pop, electronica, soul and other genres in a way that feels kind of familiar and yet kind of alien.

To more casual fans, TECLA’s sound may sound quite a bit like Missy Elliott, and in some way that’s a fair comparison – although I think her sound and her lyrics are more mischievous, and possesses a sly, winking irony as you’ll hear on “Wake Up,” the latest single off her album. 

The video which serves as a final salute to summer – coincidentally while we’re in the middle of indian Summer here in NYC – and shot during an impromptu party at TECLA’S house. It’s fun and fits the song perfectly.