We Have SoundTom Vek’s well-received debut album was released just as the internet and social media was beginning to become increasingly pervasive, back in 2005. And after a guest appearance on Fox’s The O.C., Vek suddenly seemed to disappear as quickly as he emerged. Typical for denizens of social media, the constant need for speculation and information on Vek’s whereabouts sparked several websites and blogs theorizing on his whereabouts; however, the London, UK-based musician, who has claimed that his music draws its references from influences as varied and diverse as mid 90s alt-rock, American pop culture, cable access TV shows, and post-World War 2 fiction spent 5 years working on his sophomore effort, the excellent Leisure Seizure,  released to critical praise in 2011. In fact, the album landed at number 9 on this site’s Best of List that year, just behind Remember Remember’s stunningly beautiful The Quickening.

Moshi Moshi Records will be releasing Tom Vek’s forthcoming third effort, Luck on June 9th. And the album reportedly will deal with a familiar theme through the London, UK-based artist’s work – the anxiety of trying to a find your own place in a world that’s inundated with information and connectivity, while ironically you feel more disconnected and confused. Interestingly. the first single off Luck, “Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)” is meant to be a comment on the modern state of moral ambivalence, reportedly inspired by Tom Wolfe‘s Bonfire of the Vanities. Vek delivers confessional and opaque lyrics with a somnambulant, dryly British bemusement, which manages to perfectly evoke modernity as we know it. But interestingly, sonically the song reveals subtle growth – it still consists of buzzing, angular guitar but the bass is heavier and angrier, the synths more explosive. It seems to bristle with a barely contained anger and uncertainty., all while maintaining Vek’s signature style.