While in France, singer/songwriter Jay Chakravorty met a Mexican woman who used to playfully call him Cajita, which translates into English as “little box,” thanks to the fact that she claimed that every time she met him, she would learn something new about him, as though he were opening a new, little box of interesting things. And what was a nickname just managed to stick. 

As Cajita, Chakravorty’s latest effort, Tiny Ghosts has the singer/songwriter and producer employing the use of a variety of instrumentation — including synths, banjo, clarinet, glockenspiel, swirling electronics and swooning vocals. The album’s first single, “Broken Glass,” sonically and lyrically, owed a great debt to High Violet-era the National, in the sense that the song has a pensive introspection — and comes from a very grown place, with the recognition of the bruised psyches, compromises, regrets and dashed hopes of adulthood while possessing a breezy, ethereal air.  The latest single from the album “The Stars” has the unhurried, ethereal and otherworldly air of a pleasant lullaby that you’d sing to get a child to sleep. But seriously, the song has a hauntingly gorgeous melody that floats about a deceptively simple instrumental arrangement and Chakravorty’s pleasant vocals.