White Fence forthcoming (and fifth) full-length album For the Recently Found Innocent marks several interesting occasions – the first record to be produced and recorded for Drag City, as well as the second time that White Fence’s Tim Presley was collaborating with Ty Segall. And reportedly the album continues the band’s reputation for records with elaborately crafted songs, harmonized vocals, and trippy guitar lines. 

Interestingly enough, the Onion’s AV Club as part of the Pioneering series, which has bands cover a beloved artist from a particular city – in this case, as part of Pioneering: Los Angeles, the band covered Gram Parsons’s “Lazy Days,” at the equally legendary Troubadour, and they cover with equal parts aplomb and a slightly psychedelic spin. But no matter, if there’s one thing that is revealed through the White Fence cover it’s this: Gram Parsons could craft a timeless rock song.