“Who I Am” is the second and latest single off the Los Angeles-based indie soul trio Memoir’s forthcoming full-length debut Fire in Me. Much like the album’s first single, “Los Angeles,” the track is extremely percussive; however, it starts off with some atmospheric keyboard chords, and angular guitar chords, and is completed with Dena Deadly’s seductive vocals singing lyrics that promote self-expression. Thematically, the song is conceived as an anthem for anyone who has felt outcasted, oppressed, bullied because of their race, creed or sexual orientation. 

Interestingly, the song is inspired by the story of a little boy who had always felt and known that they were a girl, and the song is actually written from her perspective, with the narrator of the song expressing their truth – proudly and with dignity. If anything, if the song doesn’t make you feel good about your self, and make you want to go out and kick ass and take names, nothing else will.