With every Christmas, there’s a small part of me that begins to look backwards with a bit of nostalgia. After all, as the years have passed loved ones and friends have softly shuffled off from this mortal coil, others married, had kids, been successful or lost everything. And yet, for me and perhaps for you too, music has always remained. I can remember where I was when I heard countless songs and albums, what I was thinking, and how I had felt… So, I was on YouTube, killing time on Christmas Eve when I came across this: the entire version of the Talking Heads’ incredible live concert movie, Stop Making Sense

As a boy, I loved the Talking Heads, and my folks rented a copy of Stop Making Sense from a local video store, on Queens Blvd and 67th by the name of Video Joe’s – on Betamax. Yes, Betamax. I was frankly mesmerized and certain images from this movie had been forever etched into my mind’s eye: David Byrne in the oversized suit during “Girlfriend Is Better,” for example.