With her soon-to-be released EP That Isn’t You slated for an April 13 release, the Spanish-born and Berlin, Germany-based electro pop artist Sofi de la Torre has taken over the blogosphere, especially after the release of That Isn’t You’s first two singles “What People Do” and EP title track, “That Isn’t You.” The EP’s latest single “Lovers Work Late” continues de la Torre’s burgeoning reputation for pairing her sultry, smoky vocals with sleek, minimalist production comprised of swirling electronics, undulating synths and skittering percussion; and much like her previous singles, the lyrics describe the narrator’s mindset – in particular, the narrator describes a particularly fucked up relationship in a way that should feel familiar to anyone who has somehow found themselves in a dysfunctional relationship. And yet, it may be the most overtly seductive song off the EP that de la Torre has released to date.