With quite a bit of excess free time while on the road, Yukon Blonde’s frontman Jeffrey Innes started a solo side project, High Ends, which caught the attention of the blogosphere as it was a major sonic departure from his primary gig – High Ends employed the use of analog synthesizes to create a sound that possessed a hypnotic and hazy quality. 

Interestingly, Yukon Blonde’s recently released single “Saturday Night” off the band’s forthcoming new album, reflects a similar change in sonic direction that the band’s fans saw with Innes’ side project, as you’ll hear a greater use of synthesizers than on previous Yukon Blonde albums; in fact, the incredibly slick song sounds as though it could have been released in 1983 or so as it possesses a swooning romanticism that seems heightened by the pairing of four-on-the-floor-like drumming, layers of shimmering and buzzing synths, angular and reverb-y guitar, sinuous bass and Innes’ vocals on this track – which are the most sensual and swaggering he’s probably ever sounded. But interestingly enough, the song also arguably manages to be the most hook-laden arena rock friendly song they’ve released; in fact, somehow, I can picture the band playing this song in front of a massive strobe light display with fans signing along with the hook.

The recently released video resembles a European art film complete with a mime and surreal fashion shoots involving crossdressers and more.