With the end of a long-term relationship, there’s obviously quite a deal of heartache but in many ways ghosts almost always manage to linger. Certainly, singer/songwriter Alela Diane can attest to this, as her latest album latest album, About Farewell is not just inspired by the breakup of her marriage, it’s inspired by all of the ghosts of lovers past who have lingered. Alela looks at these relationships and what they meant to her and her life, with an unflinching honesty and the nuanced insight that comes from profound experience. 

When I came the official video of Alela Diane’s “Lost Land” in Les Bouffes, Du Nord, Paris I was struck by the simple arrangement of the song – Alela Diane on vocals and guitars in an empty concert hall. This woman has a hauntingly gorgeous voice that manages to convey several complex emotions – profound, aching sadness; a knowing acceptance that with almost every ending, there’s a new beginning; and a sense of realization of how the decisions of one’s life can have a profound, life altering impact. Interestingly, her voice reminds me a little bit of Stevie Nicks here. 

The songs on the album, written with an unflinchingly honesty manage to be a hauntingly gorgeous and sad farewell.