With the exception of New Orleans jazz, the trombone is sadly relegated to the forgotten instrument status – after all, it’s not like everyone is waiting for the funky trombone solo during one of Springsteen’s songs. And certainly, few people if any think of the trombone and of dub step and reggae. But the Brooklyn-based band Super Hi-Fi, lead by songwriter, producer and bassist, Ezra Gale is attempting to change all of that with the release of their debut effort Dub to the Bone

A couple of trombones to the mix adds a warm, regal sound to the proceedings. Interestingly, on this sampler, you’ll get a sense of what the band’s forthcoming release will sound like when those purveyors of all things funk, Electric Cowbell Records drops the album on December 4th. From the sampler, I was reminded of the Josh Roseman Unit‘s Treats for the Nightwalker, as that was an album that meshed jazz, dub and hip hop perfectly – and in some way Dub to the Bone does a similar thing.  In any case, expect to catch the band doing their thing, as they’ll be support the album with a tour – here in NYC, they have a set at Zebulon on November 15th.