With the release of his critically acclaimed debut, All Hell, the Carlisle, PA-based Daughn Gibson made quite an impression as an artist to pay attention to – his moody debut used scratchy Americana samples, backed by his deep, brooding baritone to create a sound that was eerie and hauntingly unique. 

His sophomore effort and Sub Pop Records debut, Me Moan still employs the use of samples but the songs have more of a muscular insistence as they include the guitar work of John Baizley of Baroness and Jim Elkington of Brokeback. 

“Kiss’n on the Blacktop” which employs the use of double-time snares, hot flashes of cymbals, twangy guitars and Gibson’s crooning baritone sounds as though the outlaw country of Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash were brought over in a time machine and gently modernized. The track has a badass beer and shot in a shitty honky tonk swagger but lyrically there’s a seductiveness at it’s heart – it makes being a badass seem as though it’s the sexiest thing in the entire world. And maybe it is. 

Gibson is touring to support his latest effort and it’ll include an August 17th stop at Glasslands, and it may be one of the more interesting shows you can catch this summer.