With the release of their 2012 debut EP, Parallels, the Wellington, New Zealand-based duo of Black City Lights, which consists of producer Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr, have become one of their homeland’s emerging new talents. In a short time they were awarded two of New Zealand’s most prominent artists grants, and they’ve opened for the likes of Grimes, Baths and Van She

Brooklyn-based label, Stars and Letters Records will be releasing the duo’s full-length debut, Another Life on August 6th. “Offering” the latest single off the album is an eerie yet lush and subtly layered bit of atmospheric synth pop which reminds me quite a bit of Zambri and VYIE

The video has some gorgeous and yet fitting eerie imagery which includes two couples with faces painted to look like skeletons cruising desolate, late night streets.