With the release of their debut effort, the Philadelphia, PA-based trio of Busses, comprised of Dave Brett, Jason Bachman and Nick Apice, the trio won attention for an effort that sonically speaking, effortlessly and defiantly defied genre distinctions and complex yet accessible arrangements. And their forthcoming effort, Wizard of the Eye, which is slated for a February 17 release will reportedly continue and expand upon the band’s reputation for genre mashing in all forms. 

“Wizard of the Eye,” the album’s title track and first single is comprised of a seemingly discordant cacophony of guitars and thundering drums that clash, clang and echo against each other with a scratchy abrasiveness. But at it’s heart is an ethereal psychedelia boosted by Dave Brett’s earnest and plaintive falsetto. Seemingly recorded in a huge room that would allow the instrumentation to reverberate against the walls and ceilings, the song manages to feel like a series of song fragments smashed together but in reality the song evokes an intense fever dream – you can picture things shifting and moving before you in a way that barely makes sense.