With the release of their self-titled EP and their debut full-length effort, Voyage, the Los Angeles, CA-based duo De Lux received national attention for a sound that possessed elements of post-punk, New Wave, disco and funk – and did so in a way that channeled the sound of roughly 1977-1984. 

After touring to support both their self-titled debut and debut effort, the duo, comprised of Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco returned to their L.A. practice space with new gear, including Adrian Belew (of King Crimson)’s little-known but desperately south synthesizer guitar, and some new influences, including punk performance artist Karen Finley, whose 1987 debut effort, Guerin serendipitously discovered at a Seattle record store. Although a relative unknown to most of the listening public, Finley had a reputation for incredibly frank, uncensored lyrics. which reportedly influenced the lyrical content of the act’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Generation.  

“Someday Now,” the latest single off Generation is comprised of shimmering synth stabs, angular bass lines that channel the neurotic and frenetically anxious feel of Remain in Light and Speaking in Tongues-era Talking Heads but with a subtle nod to psych pop.