Yesterday the members of the National participated in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) in which members of the band answered questions from Reddit users and fans. After the question and answer session, the band released the first official video for “Sea of Love” off the soon-to-released  album, Trouble Will Find Me, which will see a May 21st release through 4AD Records

“Sea of Love” much like their previous material manages to possess a haunting melody, complete with Matt Berniger’s brooding, melancholy baritone. There are some subtle differences between this song and the material of their excellent, High Violet – the subtle use of what sounds like harmonica here and there; and the fact that this song has more of a muscular, churning buzz, which creates the sense of the song building up to a climax – but not quite releasing it in an expected way. The song also manages to feel less ornate, as though they’re shaking off some of the formality of their previous efforts. 

Perhaps more importantly, the National is one of the few contemporary bands whose work manages to convey the complex and conflicting emotions of adulthood. Their work manages the sorrow of profound, heart aching loss;  anxious dread; confusion; the strength that comes from moving on; the joy  and inherent fear in familial obligation; and more, in equal measure. It’s the sound of music with a very adult perspective – the sort of perspective that can only come from profound, adult experiences.