2015 has been an unexpectedly huge year for the Cleveland, OH-born, Nashville, TN-based singer/songwriter Natalie Prass as her self-titled debut effort has received attention across the blogosphere and major media outlets for material that sounds as though it could have been easily released in about 1974, as the material possess elements of old school pop, soul and even country and pairs it with introspective, thoughtful songwriting with a quiet, self-assuredness reminiscent of the great Bill Withers. However, “My Baby Don’t Understand” the latest single off the singer/songwriter’s critically acclaimed debut effort, cements Prass’ reputation for introspective songwriting with lyrics that seemingly come from lived-in (and embittering) experience: the song describes a relationship that’s doomed in a way that’s obvious and yet difficult to understand why – and naturally, the experience is heart aching. Interestingly enough, the song pairs Prass’ gossamer vocals with a gorgeous string and horn arrangement that gives the song a regal, old-timey feel. 

Check out a more stripped down live version of “My Baby Don’t Understand” which was shot for Last Call with Carson Daly at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.