A couple of weeks ago, i wrote about a collaboration between the Turkish house production and DJ duo Paradisko’s collaboration with German electronic music outfit  Final DJs on the Turkish duo’s sophomore effort Astropine,  an EP slated for a November 24 release through On The Fruit Music. The soon-to-be released EP’s first single, title track “Astropine” was composed of layers of cascading synth chords, hot flashes of cymbal and rapid-fire drum programming, which gave the song the sort of futuristic, cosmic glow reminiscent of The Chemical Brothers “Come With Us“ and ”Star Guitar“ and of Shit Robot’s collaboration with Reggie Watts “We Got A Love;” in fact, much like the aforementioned tracks, “Astropine” manages to undulate toward the listener in a deeply hypnotic fashion. 

Interestingly, Jack in the Box was enlisted to remix the single, and the Jack in the Box remix removes some of the cosmic glow of the original and gently turns the song into a propulsive house track by adding an additional layer of propulsive synths, while retaining the hot flashes of cymbal and cascading synth chords. It’s still hypnotic but while bearing more of a resemblance to De Lux‘s incredible EP. Scion AV Presents De Lux