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New Audio: LutchamaK Shares a Hypnotic Banger

There are only a handful of artists I’ve written about more than the wildly prolific, French electronic music producer and JOVM LutchamaK

Capping off a busy year, the French JOVM mainstay recently released the 10-song album Younger than Yesterday through TERMusik. LutchamaK describes the album as “tech house atmospheric, minimalist techno sprinkled with some breaks.”

Yesterday, I wrote about album track “I Believe in U,” a melodic and hypnotic, house music banger that sonically seemed to be a crowd-pleasing synthesis of Between Two Selves-era Octo Octa and Chicago house.

“Higher Amplitude,” Younger Than Yesterday‘s latest single continues a remarkable run of hypnotic and woozy deep house but with subtle elements of drum ‘n’ bass, French touch and dub.

New Audio: JOVM Mainstay LutchamaK Shares a Melodic House Banger

Over the past couple of years of this site’s almost 13 — 13! — year history, I’ve managed to spill a copious amount of virtual ink covering the wildly prolific, French electronic music producer and JOVM mainstay LutchamaK

Capping off a busy year, the French JOVM mainstay recently released the 10-song album Younger than Yesterday through TERMusik. LutchamaK describes the album as “tech house atmospheric, minimalist techno sprinkled with some breaks.” Younger than Yesterday‘s latest single “I Believe in U” is a melodic and hypnotic. house music banger centered around glistening and atmospheric synths, tweeter and woofer rattling thump paired with a soulful vocal sample.

While continuing a remarkable run of bangers, “I Believe in U” sonically strikes me as being a slick and crowd-pleasing synthesis of Between Two Selves-era Octo Octa and Chicago house.

Platinum-selling British electro pop outfit Years & Years formed back in 2010 as a full-fledged band featuring Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy, Emre Türkmen, Noel Leeman and Oliver Subria. Between their founding and the release of their first two singles — 2012’s “I Wish I Knew” and 2013’s “Traps,” Leeman and Subria left the band.

As trio Years & Years wrote and recorded their full-length debut, 2015’s Communion, which debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Charts — and was the fastest-selling debut album of the year from a British signed band. Communion single “King” reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart and was on the Top Ten Charts in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Ireland and Switzerland. “Shine” reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart.

Their sophomore album, 2018’s Palo Santo was set in a dystopian world, where androids were the majority and humans were the minority. The album featured singles “Sanctify” and “If You’re Over Me” — with “If You’re Over Me” reaching Top 10 on the UK Singles Chart.

Last March, the acclaimed British pop outfit announced that their third album, the 11-song album Night Call was in production. That same day, the band announced that Goldsworthy and Türkmen had stepped down as active members — and that the outfit would continue as Olly Alexander’s solo project.

Released earlier this year, Night Call debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Chart. Thematically, the album talks about embracing submission and twisting power play to reclaim your strength. And as a result, songs about heartbreak are few; traditional ballads are almost non-existent. “A lot of the songs are patchworks inspired by random memories and hook-ups, or men that I’ve met,” Alexander explains. Album singles “Crave,” “Starstruck” and “Sweet Talker” feat. Galantis have proven to be pulsating queer anthems.

Adding to a big year for the British pop outfit, Years & Years just shared a cover of Crystal Waters’ 90s house/dance pop classic “100% Pure Love,” which will soundtrack Target’s 2022 holiday ad campaign. While still being an enormous club banger, the Years & Years cover is a subtle reimagining that somehow feels and sounds even more 90s house than the original.

“I knew right away that I wanted to work with Georgia and Mark Ralph to bring this cover to life,” Alexander says. “Crystal’s vocal in the original is so captivating, she has such a special energy and that really inspired me when I came to record my vocals. I’m really hoping people enjoy it, it has such a positive message and liberating feel to it…I love it!” 

French electronic duo Nomenklatür — Olivier”Labinsect” Rossi and Olivier “Mitch” Brucker — have similar backgrounds as raver kids and DJs in the mid 90s: Brucker has long been influenced by EBM and industrial techno while Rossi is a product of the techno scene. The duo initially met at wolrld renowned Berlin-based nightclub Berghain; but they didn’t start collaborating together until 2005.

With Nomenklatür, Rossi and Brucker have displayed their seemingly undying devotion to synths of every era, both analog and digital while seamlessly fusing their influences and sounds into something completely new. Their first two releases, their self-released debut EP and their full-length debut Gift of Ages were released to critical applause. Gift of Ages hinted at their multifaceted sound: The album’s material featured elements of EBM, techno, tech-pop and New Wave.

The duo went on a wildly prolific period that saw them exploring techno and tech house rhythms without diverging from their influences. Through a series of EPs, remixes and albums, the duo began to explore the many nuances of techno, pushing the boundaries of the genre as far as they could. The duo expanded upon their profile in the electronic music scene with live shows at Parisian clubs like The Rex Club, Batofar, and La Machine du Moulin Rouge, and then to clubs in Belgium and Switzerland. They also had their work remixed by Kiko, David Carretta, and Commuter. And they collaborated with Montreal underground scene star Mimi.

The French duo began a decided focus on melody, bolstered by progressive production, which caught the attention of German label Beachcoma, who signed them and released an EP in 2020. During pandemic lockdowns last August, the duo remixed Odge’s “Sad Love Song,” which led to the singer/songwriter collaborating with the French production duo on their latest EP When The Wind Blows. Released earlier this month through Clivage Music, the EP’s material sees the duo drawing from Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Plastikman, classic Detroit and Berlin techno, coldwave, ambient electronica and sci fi.

When The Wind Blows‘ latest single, EP title track “When The Wind Blows” is a slickly produced, propulsive and darkly seductive bit of house centered around scorching synth oscillation, skittering thump and Odge’s sultry delivery paired with razor sharp hooks. The end result is a song that sees the collaborators meshing elements of house music, industrial, techno. electro pop and goth into a certified club banger with a dreamy and uneasy quality.

Hi The Joy of Violent Movement, Nomenklatür will release its new EP in a week. Mysterious, intense and bewitching, this new project somewhere between electroclash, techno and synthpop let us into the hypnotic world of this french duo. The track When the Wind Blows is the first extract of this EP coming on October 18th and will be accompanied by a video clip. Do you think a relay of this release would be possible on your website? Cheers Tiphaine Citizen Records

New EP When The Wind Blows coming on October 18th on Clivage Music


The room was damp and hot, red-lit bodies swayed as if in a trance, strobe lights spattered… In this concrete domain the night continued, helmed by famous German label Ostgut, in the mythical place now known as… Berghain.

London-based DJ and producer Jimmy Verschoyle, best known as Jimmy V, has developed a reputation for being “DJ’s DJ,” cutting his teeth playing the clubs and bars of the Bristol scene, before becoming a London underground scene mainstay. His highly-respected status as a tastemaker and selector gradually earned his slots across the global festival scene, including Burning Man and Glastonbury’s The Rabbit Hole, as well as clubs across the UK and States.

Jimmy V further exploded into the scene with his debut EP No Way Back. Building upon the buzz surrounding him, the London-based producer and DJ released a remix of Della Zouch‘s “Rebel” and “Lose My Mind” feat. Liz Cass.

His early releases caught the attention of San Francisco-based electronic label Smoke-n-Mirrors, who signed him and released his most recent singles “Amasonica” and “Yukon,” which have received widespread attention in the international scene: Those tracks landed on TraxSource‘s Top 40 and Beatport‘s Tech House’s Top 20.


The London-based producer and DJ’s latest single “Orinoco” is a genre-defying, globalist banger that pairs tweeter and woofer rocking thump, Afro-Colombian percussion, Iberian-influenced groove and a looped horn-driven hook that sounds as though it could rock clubs from Berlin to São Paulo, Medellin to Miami, London to New York.

New Audio: Tobin Bradstreet Shares a Sultry and Expansive Banger

Tobin Bradstreet is a Rotterdam-born, Leiden-based electronic music producer and artist, who has developed an impressive discography that has seen create a unique an intricate sound that blends elements of melodic techno, hi-tech minimalist and progressive house.

Bradstreet’s sophomore album, last year’s Incoming saw him making major strides forward as an artist and producer with the album being praised for its “futuristic touches and nuanced productions.”

The Dutch producer’s latest single “Dream of Me” is an expansive bit of house music centered around glistening synth arpeggios, skittering, tweeter and woofer rattling beats paired with a soulful vocal sample. Sonically “Dream of Me” brings Between Two Selves-era Octo Octa to mind, with Bradstreet’s latest single possessing a sultry, come hither sense of longing.

Portuguese DJ and production duo Bubba Brothers — Eliseo Correia and Justino Santos — formed back in 2015. And since their formation, the electronic music duo and JOVM mainstays have released a prolific array of dance floor rocking hits, including a batch of singles I’ve written about over the course of this past year.

The JOVM mainstays latest single “Tribe” is a hypnotic and euphoric banger centered around tribal percussion, glistening synth arpeggios, chopped up vocal samples, skittering twitter and roofer rattling thump paired with the duo’s unerring knack for enormous, crowd-pleasing hooks. And while continuing a run of infectious club bangers, “Tribe” may arguably be among their most soulful to date.

Hagop Tchaparian is a rising British-Armenian electronic music producer, whose music career started in earnest back in the 90s: As a teenager, Tchaparian played guitar in post-grunge, punk outfit Symposium, an act that had a few years of some international success: They toured the States on the Warped Tour. They played Reading Festival‘s main stage and opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica. Then they became disenchanted with the music business, and split up debt-ridden. 

After Symposium, Tchaparian contributed to a 2000 compilation Hokis, which featured music by Armenian artists — but he mostly got drawn into London’s club scene, where he quickly became friends with Hot Chip and later a tour manager for both Hot Chip and Four Tet (a.k.a. Kieran Hebden).

“After wanting out of guitar bands and with a massive interest in all things dance music, my first job (mainly due to being broke) was flyering outside many of London’s clubs,” Tchaparian recalls. “I would stand outside all of the main clubs starting at around midnight in East London, ending up outside the Ministry Of Sound around 9am. I would hear the sounds from outside and see the people coming out and really wished I was inside! I began to get inside finally and was checking out as much of it as I could and by a huge stroke of luck, ended up helping out people like Hot Chip and Four Tet on tour. I got to travel and observe them and many others at festivals, clubs and shows creating these special unforgettable moments.” 

He would make the occasional remix that friends like Four Tet would play in their DJ sets, but working on new, original music wasn’t foremost on his mind. However, during that time, he kept gathering little snippets of rudimentarily recorded sounds. There was a deep emotional resonance in continuing to fit these samples together into a storyline that made sense to him. On their own, the rhythm tracks could successfully power an underground dance floor, but the elements surrounding the beats were the undercurrents that he felt helped push the music beyond party rituals. 

When he played some early bits and pieces for Hebden, the acclaimed producer, musician and DJ encouraged Tchaparian to continue, and turn it into a full body of work if he could. “I love synthesizers and music gear but there are some sounds that I hear around me as I go about my life that make me sit up and really pay attention,” the rising British-Armenian producer says in press notes. “I try to capture as much of them as I can and have used them as the main building blocks of the album. I need music to mean something to me otherwise I’m not as interested. It’s a bit like younger days where I would just gravitate to certain inspiration like oxygen – I just really need it.” 

Tchaparian’s full-length debut Bolts is slated for an October 21, 2022 release through Kieran Hebden’s Text Records. Bolts will feature ten songs of hyper-personal rhythm-driven music that mixes techno with field recordings of his travels through Armenian and Mediterranean culture. Essentially, the album combines the audio evidence of a life’s experience with the notion that lo-fi techno can be the appropriate canvas for conveying that experience. 

He has been gathering sounds and vignettes for the better part of 15 years, having begun accumulating before smartphones included a record function. The British-Armenian producer would isolate sounds from videos that his friends sent him, like an Armenian wedding clip that showed members of the party jumping over a fire while a drummer played in the background. He would stop street musicians and ask them if he could record their playing, like the women playing the qanun, a harp-like Arabic string instrument; or he would record with professional musicians, who would play instruments like the zurna. 

Tchaparian also listed places that were important to his family, like Anjar, Lebanon, where his father’s family took refuge after being driven out of the Armenian-Turkish town of Musa Dagh in 1939. He documented himself following the almost exact footsteps his father took. 

The end result is an album that can be described as a man chasing and following his heritage around the world — while sprinkling bits of his everyday life among the manipulated folk instruments of his ancestry. So the album’s material has a deep, emotional power to it. 

Last month, I wrote about Bolts single “Round,” a woozy yet contemplative banger, centered around skittering beats, tweeter and woofer rumbling low end and glistening layers of reverb-drenched, pitchy synths paired with bursts of electronic bleeps and bloops, manipulated instrumentation and the rising British-Armenian artist’s knack for hooks and swooning nostalgia.

Bolts‘ latest single “Right to Riot” features layers of rolling, tribal percussion, wobbling synth arpeggios and bursts of Middle Eastern instrumentation in a way that sonically seems like a sleek and anachronistic synthesis of classic Middle Eastern music, Omar Souleyman, and house music.

New Audio: Dylan Rafael Shares a Lounge and Club Banger

Dylan Rafael is a 23 year-old, New York-based electronic music producer and DJ, who discovered his passion for DJ’ing when he turned 12 — 12 y’all! When he turned 20, he started to learn how to produce his own original material, which eventually need to him playing at Lavo and nebula — with opening slots for Ship Wrek, Dzeko, Gordo and others.

Building upon his growing momentum, Rafael’s latest single “Ancestral Groove” is an infectious, deep house banger that’s simultaneously club and lounge friendly –with a subtle hint of fall. “This is my first release inspired by my love for Tech house and Afrohouse,” the New York-based producer and DJ explains. “Did my absolute best to combine by favorite elements of both genres to create what I found to be a unique style.”

DeusExMaschine is a Paris-based electronic music producer, who specializes in a sound that meshes elements of classic disco house with other electronic subgenrees like tech house, deep house and others. The Parisian producer’s latest single “Only You” is a summery, club friendly banger that nods at French touch, house music and deep house centered around a rousing and infectious hook.