A diverse array of artists across a number of disciplines including Parliament Funkadelic, sci-fi novelist Octavia Butler, Sun Ra, and others were instrumental in the creation of the increasingly important Afrofuturuism movement. And within that movement, it’s artists focus on a particular aesthetic look, feel and sound combines elements of science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, Afrocentrism, magic realism and non-Western cosmology to comment on and critique the plight of people of color, while managing to reexamine the historical events that have shaped the culture of the African Diaspora. And naturally, all of those artists have a huge influence on the brilliantly strange shit of artists like Kanye, Sinkane and others. 

In the case of the Flint, MI-based Tunde Olaniran, the Afrofuturism of George Clinton/Parliament-Funkadelic and Sun Ra are naturally huge influences on his sonic aesthetic; however, he employs the use of slick, extremely modern production – glitchy synths, big room rattling bass and Olaniran’s unique vocal style, which combines elements of hip-hop and old school R&B – in a manner similar to Cee Lo Green .And throughout Olaniran’s lyrics employ the use of an intense bit of playful wordplay and verbal gymnastics to making some pertinent sociopolitical commentary; however, on his latest single “Critical,” the single moves towards the deeply personal – and in a way that relates the personal to the sociopolitical.