A few months ago, the critically applauded Australian quartet Husky quietly released their sophomore effort Ruckers Hill and already a couple of singles from the album have received international attention. Album single “Saint Joan,” is a rumination on the redemptive power of love and learning how to let go and move forward with one’s life. “Arrow” and the album’s latest single “Heartbeat” pair Gawenda’s dreamy falsetto with simple but absolutely gorgeous melodies  – the sort that channels the classic folk of Simon and Garfunkel and others; however, “Heartbeat” has a sparser arrangement that really brings the song’s harmonies to the forefront, while giving the song a hushed intimate, personal feel, as though Gawenda and company were performing the song in your living room. 

Lyrically, the song displays a novelistic attention to detail . You can picture the song’s narrator stopping at a liquor store to buy a cheap bottle of wine, before setting out to hit the road without any particular destination in mind but at its core is a complex array of excitement and melancholy – the excitement of the new and unknown and the melancholy over leaving something you’ve known and are familiar with. The same can be sad of love and art; sometimes the best thing is to just move forward.