Admittedly, the first time I caught blogosphere sensation Total Slacker live at a loft party/music venue in industrial  Bushwick, I wasn’t super impressed – I immediately caught their druggy, Nirvana/90s alternative rock sound and wasn’t super impressed. I was in a “been there, done that almost 20 years old” mode. In fact, I missed the band’s strange stoner sarcasm – despite the fact that it’s pretty obvious… .

In any case, with the release of their latest, seemingly Halloween-inspired single, “Sometimes You Gotta Die” which appears on the “Sometimes You Gotta Die” cassingle (and will appear on their forthcoming full-lenght Slip Away) reveals that the Brooklyn-based quartet’s sound has evolved a quite a bit. “Sometimes You Gotta Die” is an atmospheric eerie, anxious song that sounds like it would be the perfect soundtrack for a slasher pic. 

So it shouldn’t be surprising that the official video has a film crew filming a slasher pic in the woods – until they’re attacked by a slasher during filming.