Afropunk Festival Day 2: 8/24/14

Afropunk Festival

Commodore Barry Park, Fort Greene Brooklyn

August 24, 2014

If you’ve been following JOVM for a while, you’d know that throughout the bulk of the site’s history, I’ve essentially ran the site full-time and as a side project, while maintaining full-time positions at a company located in Times Square. And as I’ve frequently mentioned, it created competing demands for my attention and time, and it often has lead to delays in things that I’ve wanted to do. After all, there are only so many hours in a day and only so much time to do it in. So naturally, it led to a number of incredibly delayed or late posts, including this one. 

But since getting laid off, I’ve taking the opportunity to concentrate on a couple of things – this site and possibly having it bring in some kind of revenue, and looking for a full-time job that uses the skills i’ve developed here and at something that I’d find fulfilling. In any case, this summer may arguably been one of the busier summers i’ve experienced as a blogger, as Summerstage has had two or three consecutive summers of incredibly strong and diverse lineups, and if you were an old school hip-hop fan, you’d find something up your alley almost every week. There was the New Music Seminar NY FestivalNorthside Festival (which had one of the weakest lineups I’ve seen in some time), live shows at the House of Vans, and one of the highlights of last few summers, the Afropunk Festival

As i mentioned in the previous Afropunk post a few days ago, there were several vexing organizational issues throughout the two days that really marred the festival’s impact. We won’t go through all of the issues again but I’ll say this: the second day over the last few years has been the weakest of the two days and typically, what happens is that after the conclusion of the festival’s first night, i wind up going out drinking all night, oversleep and show up in Brooklyn around 3 or 4. In fact, it’s a running joke with a fellow photographer, who said to me “Didn’t you say that happened to you last year?" 

Still there were a few highlights to the second day and they included some of the following:

  • The legendary Fishbone’s incredibly infectious high energy set – but I mean that’s what they’re known for. Interestingly enough, during a lengthy conversation with a colleague, I found out that Angelo Moore had been sued after he had staged dove and reportedly hurt a spectator. And as a result, although Moore was still frenetic, there was a point where he was a little bit more restrained than what I’ve previously seen him. But the crowd took up the charge as you’ll see in the pictures below.
  • Meshell Ndgeocello, one of contemporary music’s better songwriters and bassist did her thing with an effortless cool on the festival’s main stage. 

Check out the photos below. 

Hackey sack anyone? 

These folks were dancing to an incredible Afro-music based DJ set. 

Straight Line Stitch

Atari Teenage Riot’s CX Kidtronic, catching some of the afternoon’s sets. 

This guy’s pants were awesome. 

When I came across these beautiful black folks, I needed to talk a picture. 


These are probably the coolest shades I’ve seen. 

Crowd surfing galore! 

Angelo Moore, down front and center, y’all!

Meshell Ndgeocello 

For these photos and more, check out the Flickr set here: