After joining Foxygen, drummer Shaun Fleming immediately left his hometown in Agoura HIlls, CA to become the third roommate in a small – about 700 square feet – prewar Manhattan apartment. Upon his arrival, Fleming caught a nasty case of the flu so stuck at home recovering and broke, he spent his time writing and recording the material that would wind up becoming his solo project, Diane Coffee’s debut effort, My Friend Fish.

Remember that Fleming had extremely limited means as he was recording the material on My Friend Fish – he used a pseudo drum kit which consisted of a snare, a broken cymbal and a metal pot, used a detuned guitar to mimic a real bass guitar, and recorded some parts with the iPhone’s voice memo app. And yet, when you hear “Hymn,” the first single off the album, you’ll hear a song that feels fully realized and though it could have been on a secret Beatles recording back in 1966.