After releasing two albums through the world renowned Australian label, Modular Recordings, the label home of Tame Impala, Cut Copy, The Presets and others, the Sydney, Australia-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Boulet decided it was time for a fresh start. And in early 2013, Boulet relocated to Europe, and recruited an entirely new band with the intention of a radical sonic reinvention – in this case, towards a gritty, guitar-based punk sound on his latest self-produced effort, Gubba, which has been released to critical praise across Europe and his native Australia; in fact, the album’s sound has been compared favorably to the likes of The Melvins, Les Savy Fav, The Jesus Lizard and others. That shouldn’t be terribly surprising as album single “Hold it Down” possesses a directness and urgency that’s paired with dense layers of insistent, scuzzy guitars, feedback, thundering drums, throbbing bass and subtle nods at psychedelia that actually reminds me more of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Crocodiles, as it possesses a similar effortless cool and lurking danger.

The official video follows a wannabe motorcycle club riding around, acting like they were tough but in reality they only dimly know what they’re doing, and that gives the video an ironic sense of humor to the proceedings.